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Here at Lighthouse we believe in God’s word. We believe that it is alive, active and worth exploring. We believe it doesn’t matter if you are 5 years old or 50, you always have more to learn from the word of God. With the help of some amazing teachers we do our best every Sunday morning at 9:30 to bring insightful truth that can be applied to your life. You will never go wrong when you spend time learning more and going deeper into the bible.

Current Adult Sunday School Classes

Adult Bible Study – Lighthouse Landing – Room 36
The Study of Proverbs – Learning to Live Wisely – a study on how to get wisdom and understanding by letting the words and wisdom of Solomon guide us.

Sistas- Lighthouse Landing – Room 34
If it’s good, it must be God, right? We will be watching the DVD study series for John Bevere’s book, “Good or God?” We invite new and seasoned female saints to join us as we study God’s Word to grow in our discernment of what is truly good.

Sanctuary Class – Kingdom Principles
The sanctuary class will focus on God’s Kingdom Principles that will help you to grow and develop as a Christian. Principles that will help you to overcome challenges and live life to the fullest.

We Make Disciples – Kid’s Ministry Center – Room 15
This class is the perfect place to start your Lighthouse journey. We take our time learning how to apply the Word to our lives on a daily basis. Coffee & doughnuts weekly.

Measure of a Man – Lighthouse Landing – Room 31
Men so often define themselves by what they do, who they know, or what they own. They unwittingly set themselves up for failure. Using inspiration from various authors we show the opportunities for men to see their lives transformed.

Apologetics & Personal Evangelism – Lighthouse Landing – Room 35
Is your soul like a raisin? Using wisdom and principles found in the book, “Soul Keeping” we will journey together to learn how to maintain, feed and allow our souls to grow.

Marriage Class – Lighthouse Landing – Room 33
In a day and age when people try to just survive marriage this class focuses on getting marriages to thrive. Topics include; praying together, finances, intimacy, purposeful parenting, social issues, relationships and so much more.